Sled dogs

In winter, we are ready to offer services Skating Sled dogs on the sledge. Adventure "Dog sledding" - is a unique opportunity to ride with the breeze on a sleigh pulled by dogs.
We are one of the largest nurseries in the Siberian Federal District Siberian Husky breed.
We can offer skating on his own road not far from the city (Spirtzavodskaya track) length of 4-8 km. Prices from 4000 rub. / Not more than 4 people.
During the period of freezing rivers skating on the river. Selenga trail 10 km. Prices from 4000 rub. / Not more than 4 people.
There are personal approaches to a variety of activities including school classes in any of the areas (individual cost calculation)
Horse site soccer field Upper Berezovka
Harnesses are 2, 4, 6 dog breed Siberian Husky.
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